We constantly envision and prepare to present fresh and unique products by planning inconvenient products conveniently or without new products.


We strive to become a friendly brand that is close to customers through multi-faceted marketing for all ages.


It can be applied directly to trends in the market that are driven by glittering ideas that are not locked in a frame, and custom designs can also be customized for customers.


It consists of all the processes from design to manufacturing, and consists of the staff in charge of each step from the top-level scraping to the mass production, thus minimizing the defective parts by systematic production process up to one small part.


Through the process of manual inspection and product selection several times for the perfect product, it realizes satisfaction-based delivery based on trust.


We strive to realize customer satisfaction in the B2B area through on-line and off-line product management in Korea, differentiated promotion and services. (Consignment sales / purchase sales / overseas sales, etc.)


A company full of trust and trust

J&J International is a company that researches products that help people with discomfort in real life, develops products that are not around, and manages everything from manufacturing to sales.

Distribution and sales. We always keep our commitment to customers through thorough production management. And we always give trust and trust to customers and customers with reliable products.


A company that is always awake

I do not always stay there for the future development.We constantly challenge and research and develop new markets and new products.

Based on technology and innovation, quality and price enhancement are our top priority.